Rawlings – FastPitch bat FPQP9, 33/24

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Get more pop, more distance and a faster, lighter swing speed with the all new Quatro Pro – a collision of our best technologies. The redesign of the Q4 technology features a newly constructed inner barrel yielding a larger sweet spot and a faster, more balanced swing for optimal offense. Size: 2 1/4 in

  • Drop: -9
  • Frame: 2-Piece Composite
  • Material: Composite
  • Technology: Focused Flex: Reconstructed collar assembly for a stiffer, focused flex eliminating barrel drag while maintaining vibration reduction qualities
  • Series: Quatro
  • Barrel Length: Longitudinal Flex: Re-engineered composite layering for enhanced trampoline across the length of the barrel
  • Year Released: 2018
  • Weighting: Suspended Inner Barrel: Simplified inner barrel balances swing weight promoting high velocity swing speeds
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